info, some criticism about some of David Weber's novels:
David Weber is a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy series with no less than a half dozen active novelized serials. The serials are either building up to spectacular endings or are setting groundwork for epic confrontations. Unfortunately some serials have been idle for years. As much as I like that he's taking on other author's series in addition to starting new ones of his own, I am worried that he won't get a chance to complete the pre-existing serials anytime in the near future. Nonetheless, I still read whatever new he is putting out at anytime with Baen books(I like webscriptions) and Tor.
      I find David Weber's novels to be very readable. His stories are  populated with likeable characters as well as entertaining villains. Even though he does a lot of exposition in his stories, I think he does it well and I find the details interesting and entertaining, especially when his worlds and characters are so rich with fascinating histories. My main concern with David Weber's numerous serials is that as many of the series are building up to an increasingly spectacular climax and with few of his series complete, making his track record in this regard unknown, I worry whether or not if expectations are being driven to unrealistic heights. Having said that, I thought that the Prince Rogers series ended satisfactorily and the Honor Harrington series itself has gone through several story mini-arcs well too, but then again it's the one leading to the biggest climax.  



Honor Harrington

On Basilisk Station
The Honor of the Queen
The Short Victorious War
Field of Dishonor
Flag in Exile
In Enemy Hands
Echoes of Honor
Ashes of Victory
Honor Among Enemies
War of Honor
At All Costs


Crown of Slaves (with Eric Flint)
The Shadow of Saganami
Storm from the Shadows
(edited by David Weber):

More than Honor
Changer of Worlds
Worlds of Honor
The Service of the Sword

War God series

Oath of Swords
The War God's Own
Wind Rider's Oath

Hell's Gate series
(with Linda Evans)

Hell's Gate
Hell Hath No Fury

Heirs of Empire

Mutineers' Moon
The Armageddon Inheritance
Heirs of Empire
Empire from the Ashes

Starfire series
(with Steve White)

The Shiva Option
In Death Ground
The Stars At War
The Stars At War II

Prince Rogers series
(with John Ringo)

March Upcountry
March to the Sea
March to the Stars
We Few
Eric Flint's
Ring of Fire series

(with Eric Flint)

1634: The Baltic War

Safehold series

Off Armageddon Reef
By Schism Rent Asunder
Keith Laumer's
Bolos series

(with Keith Laumer)
Old Soldiers

In Fury Born

The Apocalypse Troll

The Excalibur Alternative

David Weber
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